Volto Angelo

Very enjoyable evening yesterday at the opening of Mike Bunn's exhibition of prints titled 'Volto Angelo'. He spoke briefly about his newly fired passion for 'visually interpreting' what he perceives - no longer comfortable with the word 'photographer'. Ann Harris spoke at length about the early days, and there to share the memories were Michael Mortell, Jim Fitzpatrick, Guggi and a coterie of snappers (Tony Higgins, Peter Evers, Barry McCall, Conor Horgan, Mike O'Toole, Anthony Hobbs, Tom Collins, and a smattering of press photographers).

The pictures are of classical Italian statues of marble & stone. They represent Mike's fear of the modern world. That it is losing touch with craft, beauty and art. The pictures are on display in the Octagonal room (The oldest gallery in the world) of the Georgian Society at 58, Sth William St. and run until March 8th.