Christmas Cards 1994 - 2017

St Matthew's School Calendar 2016

Jesse's school, St Matthews, once again asked me to organise the school calendar for 2016. This year, we decided to theme the months with international events. Once again the kids (and parents) rose to the challenge beautifully. Thanks to Olga and Annaleise of the PA for their invaluable input.

7. July - Canada Day/Bastille Day/4th of July
8. August - Olympics
9. September - Roald Dahl Centenary
10. October - Diwali (Hindu Festival of Light)
11. November - Universal Children’s Day
12. December - Christmas Snowball Fight

1. January  - Australia Day
2. February - Chinese New Year
3. March - The Easter Rising
4. April - Earth Day
5. May - Mexico’s Cinqo de Mayo
6. June - UEFA Euro Championship

The Bloody Irish

I'm not usually one for musicals but I'm much taken with this new stage show: The Bloody Irish. Directed by Michael Barker-Caven, written by Barry Devlin, arranged by David Downes and produced by Ned O'Hanlon all esteemed and high calibre creatives in their own fields, their coalescing is greater than the sum of their parts. With the centenary around the corner, the production takes the unusual perspective of British General Sir John Grenfell Maxwell to narrate the events of the Easter Rising. The large cast includes Lorcan Cranitch as James Connolly; Gavin O'Connor as Padraig Pearse; Malcolm Sinclair as General Maxwell; Lisa Lambe as Elizabeth O'Farrell and my old mate Fiachna Ó Braonain of Hothouse Flowers. There's a rousing version of Óró sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile. Also watch out for By the Rising of the Moon; The Foggy Dew, The Minstral Boy; Monto; Mo Ghile Mear, The Rocky Road to Dublin and The British Army. The once-off performance was filmed in August and aired last Saturday on PBS in America with a view to touring next year. It's gonna be only massive.

National Concert Hall - Bloomsday

The über-talented Shaun Davey is collaborating with the gifted Rita Connolly on a Bloomsday gig at the NCH. Rita will be playing Nora Barnacle. Recently (within the passed century) they dropped in for a daguerrotype sitting. 

LA College of Creative Arts (pt ll)

LA College of Creative Arts

This week I've been working with the make-up whizz kids in The LA College of Creative Arts. Look forward to more of this in the near future.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Shane McCarthy Photography. Thanks for all the support and help through the last year. We've been waiting a while now for that elusive Prosperous-New-Year. Could it be 2015? Ben, Jake & Jesse have been collaborating (my word for it, they have a word that blends child abuse and slave labour) on the annual Christmas Card. Check out the last 21 years.

St Matthews School Calendar

Jesse's school, St Matt's, had a great idea for their 2015 Calendar which I shot a few months back: each month would include all the pupils whose birthdays fell in that month and each month would be themed. The pupils and parents put in an enormous amount of work and I believe the results speak for themselves.

Volto Angelo

Very enjoyable evening yesterday at the opening of Mike Bunn's exhibition of prints titled 'Volto Angelo'. He spoke briefly about his newly fired passion for 'visually interpreting' what he perceives - no longer comfortable with the word 'photographer'. Ann Harris spoke at length about the early days, and there to share the memories were Michael Mortell, Jim Fitzpatrick, Guggi and a coterie of snappers (Tony Higgins, Peter Evers, Barry McCall, Conor Horgan, Mike O'Toole, Anthony Hobbs, Tom Collins, and a smattering of press photographers).

The pictures are of classical Italian statues of marble & stone. They represent Mike's fear of the modern world. That it is losing touch with craft, beauty and art. The pictures are on display in the Octagonal room (The oldest gallery in the world) of the Georgian Society at 58, Sth William St. and run until March 8th.

Lad Lane Closure

Just settling in to Bond Street Studios, following the exodus from Lad Lane after 25 years. Below is the parting shot of Lad Lane, never looked so empty.


Onwards, to Bond Street Studios. Fierce nice folk here, great atmosphere - only a stone's throw away from Ursula Steiger's old studio where it all began for me back in 1983. So, roll on 2014...